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Microsoft® HoloLens R&D HW — The first in world non-Apple/Intel Thunderbolt design with PCB interconnect between two CIO. Schematics for 6 PCBs (rigid 20+ layer and rigid-flex) completed in 3 months. First-time working design (5037 nets, 6820 components, and 25,529 pins).
Daqri Smart Glasses® HW and FPGAs RTL — Four generations of system architecture with two in production and two in EVT/DVT. An innovative method of zeroing motion-to-photon perceived latency (European patent No 19163859.2-1230).


Analysts view hardware as the number one challenge in augmented reality — from various aspects: price, technology limitations, form factor.

“When asked about challenges in a recent Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends Survey, 99 percent reported technology challenges that had to be overcome for AR/VR to become mainstream. Among those challenges, the price of manufacturing AR/VR devices and limitations of AR/VR-specific and consumer devices led the way.” — John Martin Business Unit Director, Jabil Green Point


We pave a path for our visionary customers’ execution on their great ideas.

  • We hear our customers:

    Expecting unexpected and asking stupid questions keeps us on track for customers’ objectives.

  • We manage innovations:

    Making a lot of little engineering innovations is necessary for a great one to happen. Innovation management keeps the innovation process continuous.

  • We execute thoroughly:

    When R&D designed for six sigma, the next stages are flawless.

  • We make our designs ready to handover:

    The clarity in the documentation and efficient communication make the process straightforward.


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