Specifically Designed for Use by Deaf Peoplentouch VP2

The VRS market is not a traditional competitive market. Instead of charging users for the additional cost of VRS, providers are compensated through the FCC’s Interstate TRS Fund, which is supported by fees levied on telecommunications services. [...]
Sorenson is the dominant VRS provider, holding approximately 80% of the market. Under the current rate structure, Sorenson is also the lowest-cost provider of VRS, meaning that the average VRS call with Sorenson is cheaper for the TRS Fund than the average call with other providers.US Court of Appeals - No. 17-1198


Using the Deaf community’s feedback, SVRS engineers envisioned a new videophone using innovative and leading-edge technology,” notes Scott K. Sorensen, CEO of SVRS.

The next step was to bring SVRS engineers’ vision to the production-ready robust design users can rely upon.


We addressed all of the important issues. The top three were:

  • Device durability over the extended lifespan:

    For ntouch VP2 design, we picked leading-edge components with a lifespan of 5+ years.

  • BOM cost optimization, which is highly critical for taxpayer-funded devices:

    System analysis and multi-factor optimization, including BOM cost, were employed in every stage of the design.

  • Applicable standards and regulatory compliance:

    We put in place a well-developed compliance management plan spanning from architecture through PVT stage.  It minimized the risk of manufacturing a noncompliant product and enhanced customer’s confidence.


Sorenson Communications, LLC, the company that revolutionized communication for people who are Deaf, announces its newest innovation: the ntouch® VP2 videophone. With updated technology, the new videophone offers Deaf callers a host of new features, including 1080 high-definition video quality, an even brighter LightRing® with customizable colors and Group Call, which allows a caller to include up to four people in one videophone call. As with all previous Sorenson videophones, the new ntouch VP2 was specifically designed for use by Deaf people.Marketwired - Dec 1, 2016

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