2015 Red Dot Award WinnerHighfive All-in-One

Highfive, the all-in-one video conferencing system that’s changing the way people work, today announced that it has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design.
The Red Dot Awards are recognized across the globe as the quality standard for excellent design. This year, a record 4,928 entries from 56 countries were assessed by an international expert jury, but only those designs showcasing exceptional quality and deep innovation received an award.Business Wire - Apr 8, 2015


When we set out to design Highfive, we wanted it to pack more power than any video conferencing solution on the market, while shedding the clunky design that enterprise video has traditionally suffered from,” said Shan Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Highfive.

The biggest challenge was fitting a feature-rich electronic design in the given ID constraints while meeting a tight schedule, all necessary regulatory requirements, and BOM cost constraints.


We addressed all issues critical for product success. The top three were:

  • Multi-discipline multi-site teams collaboration:

    We employed a constraint-driven EE/ME PCB co-design process with comprehensive sets of design rules backed by mandatory automated DRC checks on every inter-team dataset exchange. It gave us the flexibility to accommodate product requirements changes on later than usual stages of the design cycle while shortening the entire cycle to six months.

  • Challenging PCB layout:

    The industrial design called for a highly suboptimal PCB aspect ratio (>8:1 aka “diving board”). We utilized advanced signal and power integrity simulations for minimizing the number of layers while meeting EMI/EMC requirements.

  • BOM cost optimization:

    System analysis and multi-factor optimization (including BOM cost) were part of the every design stage allowing overall greater flexibility in the choice of the components without jeopardizing EE/ME coherency at the late stages.


Highfive, Inc. [...] today announced 341% annual growth in customers during 2015. ... Highfive's customers have outpaced the growth rate and product usage of legacy video conferencing solutions by reaching one million call minutes per week — surpassing a milestone that competitors took years to reach — and demonstrating the market demand for modern, lightweight hardware solutions.Marketwired - Mar 15, 2016

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